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Music has a very important place in nearly all races of the world,and in fact, it is human nature. Nations express their common feelings in music. Africa is especially rich in music and each tribe has developed its own form. Music is one of the essential aspects of our tradition.  

Music in Tanzania has various genres, such as pop, taarab, dance and gospel and has made tremendous progress as manifested in the emergence of numerous artistic groups which often draw large audiences. Many Tanzanian artists have produced a large reportoire of high quality artistic compositions.

During early years of African Liberation Movements music such as Dance was used to call for support to the liberation strugles, publicize ideology of Socialism and Self Reliance - a good example is the famous singer Mbaraka Mwaruka Mwinshehe and Moro Jazz who had songs that promote villagization; others were Marijan Rajab and Cuban Marimba, to mention a few.

Apart from being a tool for liberation struggles, music has benefited many youth through a new genre famously known as Bongo Flava. It opened a vast field of employment in sound engineering and mixing ,various positions in directing  and production,script writing ,lighting ,camera and set-building and so on. Bongo flava has brought fame and moderate fortune to many Tanzanian youth. With the income they make they have been able to build houses and to support their parents and relatives.  

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