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The Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS) is an open, formal and systematic procedure designed to assist both employers and employees in planning, managing, evaluating and realizing performance improvement in the organization with the aim of achieving organizational goals. 

Organizations use open performance appraisal system as stipulated in the Public Service Act, Cap.298 and the Public Service Regulations, 2003. Performance Appraisal System may vary between organizations depending on the nature of their functions and between levels but have to be open and transparent. Permanent Secretary (Establishments) from time to time revises and issues forms and guidelines on the operations of the system. If an organization customizes the form, Permanent Secretary (Establishments) has to approve the use of the form.

Performance Appraisal is required to be prepared in respect of public servants serving on pensionable, contract, agreement and Operational Service in the public service. The aim is to discover, evaluate and document the potential and shortcomings of individuals to enable measures to be taken for improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service as a continuous objective.

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