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The provision of Adult, Continuing and Non–Formal Education is an important aspect of the governments’ educational policy to combat poverty, ignorance and disease. It aims at ensuring that out of school children, youth and adults especially girls, women and other disadvantaged groups have access to quality basic learning opportunities. Through the Adult and Non- Formal Education Development Plan, the Ministry developed the Integrated Community Based Adult Education (ICBAE) and Complementary Basic Education in Tanzania (COBET) frameworks.

To implement ICBAE and COBET, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training initiated the Yes I Can literacy programme as well as the Radio Instruction Strengthening Education (RISE). The Yes I Can programme is aimed at providing basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic and knowledge about one’s socio – economic environment to illiterate youth and adults. , RISE which is equivalent to COBET, was geared towards providing basic education to out-of- school children and youth who could not be enrolled in formal primary schools, especially in hard – to – reach areas, including pastoralists, mobile and nomadic communities. For more information visit Ministry of Education and Vocational Training website.

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