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The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) is a corporate body established on 1st July 2005 under the Universities Act No 7 of 2005 with the purpose of ensuring quality higher education in the country. The TCU, which took over from Higher Education Accreditation Council (established in 1995) also monitors and regulates the general management and performance of higher learning institutions. In short, the main functions of the TCU can be summarized as follows:

  • Promotion of knowledge-sharing through networking of Universities and University Colleges;
  • Registration and Accreditation of Universities and University Colleges;
  • Validation of Academic Programs,  Certification and Coordination of students’  admissions;
  • Monitoring and control of quality education in Universities and University Colleges;
  • Collection and dissemination of information/data on higher education.  

In this section you will find online application form, visit Tanzania Commission for Universities website for more details.

Central Admission System (CAS) Approved Program register
Facts and Figures for Universities and University Colleges Undergraduate Admission GuideBook
Procedures for Establishing a University The University General Regulation
The Universities Act Foreign Award Assessment System
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