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The National Development Vision 2025 inspires and raises national hopes of attaining high economic and employment growth to meet the needs and aspirations of all Tanzanians. This has strengthened the  determination to build a strong, diversified and competitive economy that will provide adequate and sustainable employment opportunities in Tanzania. The National Employment Policy aimed to  stimulate an adequate employment growth in the economy, in order to reduce unemployment and   underemployment rates and eventually attain full, productive and decent employment for all  Tanzanians. The overall vision of the National employment Policy is to have society engaged in decent gainful employment  capable of generating adequate income to sustain it, and reduce poverty as envisaged by the Tanzania Development Vision 2025,  the National Strategy for Growth and the Reduction of Poverty (MKUKUTA), as well as facing the challenges of labour Market gaps in the globalized economy.

Employment sector is under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. Employment creation is a multidimensional issue involving all Tanzanians, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA), Regional and Local Authorities, The Private Sector, Employers and Workers organisations, the Development Partners and a wide range of various NGOs and Civil Society organizations. Since, The Labour Market is characterized by an increasing number of school leavers, graduates and adults who do not find jobs in the formal sector. This section provides important information and institutions that will help them including Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA), Public Service Recruitment Secretariat, Commission for Mediation and Arbitration (CMA) and Social Security Regulatory Authority (SSRA).

Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA) Public Service Recruitment Secretariat
Commission for Mediation and Arbitration (CMA)
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