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State visits are the highest form of diplomatic contact between nations, are marked by ceremonial pomp and diplomatic protocol. Due to good foreign relations with other nations, Tanzania gets formal visits by foreign heads of state from other nations. State visits in Tanzania involve welcoming ceremony consisting of a review of military honor guards, parades and the playing of national athems by a military band.

A 21- gun salute is fired for foreign heads of state and a 19-gun salute fired for foreign heads of government, an exchange of gifts between the foreign head of state and the head of state from the nation hosting the state visit,  state dinners either hosted by a head of state, with the foreign head of state being the guest of honor, high-profile visits by foreign heads of state to national landmarks such as laying a wreath at a military shrine or cementary, cultural events celebrating links between the two nations are some of the activities done during a state visit.

The foreign head of state is usually accompanied by a senior government minister, usually by a foreign minister. Behind the diplomatic protocol, delegations made up from  trade organizations also travel with the foreign head of state, offering an opportunity to network and develop economic, cultural and social links with industry leaders in the nation being visited. At the end of a state visit, the foreign head of state traditionally issues a formal invitation to the head of state of the nation being visited that at another time in the future would pay a reciprocal state visit.

US President, Barack Obama Visit to Tanzania 2013 Chinese President Xi Jinping Visits to Tanzania, March 2013
Thailand Prime Minister Visit to Tanzania 2013 President of Uganda, Hon. Yoweri Museveni visit to Tanzania 2014
Vice President of China Hon. Li Yuanchao Visit to Tanzania 2014
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