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The National Arts Council was established under Act No. 23 of 1984. The Act was a result of the almagation of the National Arts Council Act and the National Music Council Act, both of 1974. The allegation was effected in order to streamline the promotion of the Arts into a single Council and to bring in theatre arts which has been excluded in the 1974 acts.

The functions of the Council include, to revive and promote the development and production of artistic works, carrying out research on the development, production and marketing of artistic works, providing advisory services and technical assistance for the development of artistic enterprises, planning and co-ordinate artistic activities. Others are to  advise the Government on all matters relating to the development and production of artistic works, providing and promoting training programmes and facilities, undertaking the production, importation, exportation and sale of artistic works and to prepare regulations for registration of people and organizations involved in the arts.

The National Arts Council has many partners that work closely with the Council, among them are government and non-government organizations and other stakeholders involved in the arts and culture. The partners include The Department of Fine and Performing Arts of University of Dar es Salaam (DFPA). Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa),The Dar es Salaam Museum and House of Culture, The Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) and Tanzania Theatre Centre (TzTC).


The National Museum and House of Culture Tanzania Theatre Centre (TzTC)
The Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA)
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