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Home Our NationCulture Organisations involved in Cultural Activities Baraza la Kiswahili la Taifa (BAKITA).

National Swahili Council is an organisation under Ministry of Information,Youth, Culture and Sports .The institution was established by 27 of  1967 to promote the development and usage of the Swahili language throughout the United Republic,to co-operate with other bodies in the United Republic which are concerned to promote the Swahili language and to endeavour to co-ordinate their activities.,to encourage the use of the Swahili language in the conduct of official business and public life generally.

Other activities  included to encourage the achievement of high standards in the use of the Swahili language and to discourage its misuse,to co-operate with the authorities concerned in establishing standard Swahili translations of technical terms,to publish a Swahili newspaper or magazine concerned with the Swahili language and literature,to provide services to the Government, public authorities and individual authors writing in Swahili with respect to the Swahili language.

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