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Maintenance of law and order is one of the core functions of the Government. It is primarily the ‘raison d’etre’ for the existence of the state. It is also the bedrock for maintenance of law and order in a democratic and liberal society and the central plan of good governance and upholding the Rule of Law, which is the shared mission of the Sector Institutions. In this perspective, allocation of Government resources  is accorded as  highest priority to adequate funding of the operations and timely release of funds. The Government therefore initiated a PER process for the budgets of the Attorney General’s Chambers, The Judiciary, Law Reform Commission of Tanzania, the Commission of Human Rights and Good Governance, Police and Prisons. In this section you will find details concerning Judiciary which include the list of Tanzania Courts and Legal aid’ include ‘legal advice, assistance, representation, education and mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution.

Judiciary Services Legal Aid
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