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Forests and woodlands are among the most important natural resources the country is endowed with. They are estimated to cover about 33.5 million hectares, or about 38 percent of total land area. Part of this, 13.5 million ha, are gazetted as national forest reserves, of which 1.6 million ha are managed as catchments forests and 90,000 ha, 150,000 ha and 120,000 ha are managed by the Government, private industries and small-scale woodlots, and medium-sized plantations owned by smallholders, respectively. Others are managed as local authority forest reserves.

There are 600 national forest reserves and 200 local authority forest reserves. A total of 2.1 million ha are currently under community based forest management (CBFM) and 4.2 million ha are gazetted as village forest reserves.  In addition, the country has enormous potentials in beekeeping, with an estimated potential production of about 138,000 tons of honey and 9,200 tons of beeswax per annum. Nevertheless, only 4,860 tons and 324 tons of honey and beeswax respectively are produced annually, or roughly 3.5 percent of potential.

The Government is keen to address the challenges in the management of the countrys natural and cultural resources. Concerted efforts will be taken to enhance conservation, protection and management of this natural heritage. On this section you can get comprehensive information pertaining the forestry development and conservation programs, policies, acts and activities which contribute to national GDP.

Tanzania Forest Service Agency (TFS) Tanzania Forest Service (TFS) Agency
Tanzania Forest Fund
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