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  • Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere
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Tanzania Fire and Rescue Force is a government agency established in 2007 through an Act No. 14 of Parliament and entrusted to provide professional services in the area of disaster prevention and training. 

Tanzania Fire and Rescue Force purpose is to:

1. Enhance community safety, quality of life and confidence by minimizing the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, environment and economy of Tanzania.

2. Manage fire emergencies in Tanzania's major cities and towns.

3. Respond to rescues, hazardous materials incidents and possible terrorist activities across the country.

4. Work with other government agencies to minimize the impact of bushfires, storms, floods, landslides, building collapses, motor vehicle accidents and other emergencies.

5. Run prevention and preparedness programs to prevent these emergencies and reduce their impact on the community.

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