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The Office of The Treasury Registrar (TRO) was established under the Treasury Registrar Ordinance No.35 of 1959 (Cap. 418). For adopting the mandates and various amendments that had been made over time the Treasury Registrar (Powers and Functions) Act Cap.370 (R. E. 2002) came into play. This Act was further amended by act No.10 of 2011 with view to give the Office a corporate personality and further powers with responsibilities of holding all investments comprised of in the paid up capital of Public and Statutory Corporations as well as in private investments where the Government owns shares or interests in trust for the President and for the purposes of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.

The Office of the Treasury Registrar which previously operated as one of the Divisions within the Ministry of Finance has been removed from the Ministry of Finance. Subsequent to that and following the amendment of the TRO Act in 2011, the Office of the Treasury Registrar was re-established and required to operate as an autonomous entity independent of the Ministry with a view to speeding up decision-making, with vested powers and responsibilities of supervising performance and advice the Government on investment in PSCs.

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