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The National Defense Policy is the subset of government policy concerned with countering military threats and with development, maintenance, preparation and employment of the armed forces. The defense policy cannot be considered in isolation but needs to be formulated in harmony with all other aspects of government policy, especially foreign policy. Defense policy requires the provision of forces with a high degree of military effectiveness, sufficient readiness, and a clear sense of purpose for conflict prevention, crisis management, and combat operations. The defense force’s capability is intended to act as an effective deterrent to a potential aggressor, both in peace time and in crisis. The country’s defense policy, in turn, should reflect national values and interests. The overall objective of the national defense policy focuses on the protection of Tanzania’s national interests and core values, which include preservation of national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, preservation of the Union, maintenance of peace and tranquility, promotion of democracy and good governance, promotion of economic prosperity and social economic development, maintenance of regional peace and stability, maintenance of social justice and protection of natural resources.

The Tanzania Defense Policy also emphasizes important issues on which human resource management has a direct impact, such as force readiness, organizational transformation, civilian personnel, reserves, veterans and retirees, and forces of the future. For more infomation read the National Defence Policy  2004.

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