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The National Service was established in 1964 by the National Service Act to bring together the youths of Tanzania. National service was meant for individuals leaving primary schools. They were taught skills that would be useful to them on returning home. Individuals volunteered for two years, at the end of which some remained in the establishment, joined the army, and were employed in the public and private sectors, while the majority went back to their places of domicile with the skills taught while in the National Service.

In 1966, the National Service Act was amended to include graduates from high schools and higher learning institutions on a compulsory basis while remaining voluntary for people leaving primary and secondary schools. The National Service aimed to make graduates from high schools and higher education institutions repay the nation for providing them with education. It was designed to take educated young men and women from various walks of life and unite them to build a sense of national unity. The National Service draws its youth from all of the regions of the United Republic of Tanzania without discrimination based on gender, religion, or ethnicity. Its aim is to reflect the entire composition of the society of Tanzania. Zanzibar has its own version of National Service known as Jeshi la Kujenga Uchumi designed to meet the requirements of the Islands. After the completion of this training, some individuals are absorbed into the workforce while the majority return to their villages and use the skills imparted to them to make a living. These, people in turn, join the Peoples Militia force in their respective areas.

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