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Peoples Militia refers to an organized group of people of the United Republic of Tanzania operating with the authority of and under the aegis of the Government and which is receiving military training or is participating in any military training, quasi-military or law enforcement exercise for the protection of the sovereignty of the United Republic or for protection of the people or the property of the United Republic. This does not include the Police Force, any arm or branch of the Defense Force, the Prison Service or the National Service.

The Peoples Militia was introduced  according to the Militia Act of 1963 to provide the military with Tanzanian citizens; the peasants and workers who were ready to defend their country as one of the components of the TPDF. The intent of the Peoples Militia was to create a sense of responsibility and national pride in the civilian population by welcoming the citizens to play a role in the defense of the country.

The government decided to involve the people in defending their villages. The establishment of the militia was also in accordance with President Nyerere’s concept of having a small professional army supported by a majority in the militia. In traditional societies, every able-bodied man was also a fighter when the need arose. The defense system therefore satisfied the need for defense and security at the village level. This section provides you with roles of the Militia and the Militia training. 

Roles of the Militia Militia Training
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