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Water is fundamental to life and sustaining the environment, and plays a central role in the social and economic development of Tanzania. It touches all spheres of life including domestic, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, wildlife, industry, energy, recreation and other social and economic activities. Basing on the necessity of water in people’s life the ministry has institutional framework for the provision of water supply, sewerage and sanitation services  based on a separation between urban water supply and sewerage services, and rural water supply services.

On the other hand the ministry is responsible for monitoring the quality of water sources and taking part in activities related to controlling pollution of water bodies which is done by 16 Water Quality Laboratories and Water Resources Management being done by Nine Water Basin. This section highlights activities and services provided by the ministry inluding design and construction of water supply systems, and designing and drilling of well or boreholes.

Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Services
Water Quality Water Resource Management
Drilling and Dam Construction Agency- DDCA Water Development and Management Institute
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