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Tanzania has abundant natural resources, particularly for agriculture, mining, energy and tourism. The country has 44 million hectares of arable land, with only about 5% currently under cultivation. Resources include diamonds, gemstones, gold, coal, iron, nickel, forest products, domesticated livestock, wildlife, fisheries and marine products, natural gas and possibly oil. Primary exports in terms of value include tobacco and gold, while key imports are capital and consumer goods. The Government of Tanzania (GOT) generally has a favorable attitude toward foreign direct investment (FDI) and has had considerable success in attracting FDI.

Tanzania has two investment promotion agencies; one is the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and the other is the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA)


The Tanzanian Investment Center (TIC), established by the Tanzanian Investment Act of 1997, is the focal point for all investors’ inquiries, screens foreign investments, and facilitates project start-ups. TIC has been given authority to manage Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for foreign companies under 2010 PPP legislation that sets a framework for Build-Operate-Transfer arrangements with private companies. Filing with TIC is not mandatory, but offers incentives for joint ventures with Tanzanians and wholly owned foreign projects above USD 300,000. The review process takes up to 10 days and involves multiple GOT agencies, which are required by law to cooperate fully with TIC in facilitating foreign investment. Projects are not currently reviewed for anti-competition concerns. TIC continues to improve investment facilitation services, provide joint venture opportunities between local and foreign investors, and disseminate investment information.


The Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) is an autonomous Government agency established under section 12 of the EPZ (Amendments) Act of 2006. EPZA operates under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and is the principal Government Agency for promoting investments in the Tanzanian Economic Zones particularly the Export Processing Zones (EPZ) and the Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Other functions of EPZA include;
The development of EPZ/SEZ infrastructure
Provision of business services to EPZ/SEZ investors and
The provision of EPZ/SEZ licenses

The Authority functions as a one stop shop for all prospective and existing investors. EPZA is a place whereby interested investor gets assistance in everything that is required before investing. It is an efficient and effective investment promotion agency, a “one stop service centre for all investors”, engaging in the business of marketing Tanzania as an investment destination.
EPZA is there to help interested investors in providing efficiency, lowering the costs of moving from one place to another and minimize bureaucracy which saves time.


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