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Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025 aims at achieving an absence of abject poverty and attaining a high quality of life for all people by 2025. Water resource management, water supply and sanitation features prominently in this Development Vision. Intrinsic to these overall targets, are the objectives of equity of access, water management capacity, and proper maintenance of water and sanitation systems, use of environmentally sound technologies, and effective water tariffs, billing and revenue collection mechanisms. The Tanzanian Government is presently implementing the Water Sector Development Program (WSDP, 2006 – 2025) with support from development partners. The WSDP targets four areas in the water sector, namely: (i) Water Resources Management and Development (WRMD), (ii) Community Water Supply and Sanitation (CWSS), (iii) Commercial Water Supply and Sewerage (CWSS), and (iv) Sector Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building.This section provides you with information pertaining water development program, its strategic plan and reports. You can download for your own use.

Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme RWS
Water Sector Development Program (2005-2025) Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project-CWSSP
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