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  • Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere
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Access to safe water is essential for addressing poverty and water-borne diseases. More than 80 percent of Tanzania's population living in rural areas have limited access to clean water for domestic use, crop production and adequate sanitation. The incidence of water-borne, water-related and water-washed diseases indicate that these are mostly prevalent where people use contaminated water or have little water for daily use. The Ministry through Rural Water Supply Division aims for sustainable rural water supply to solve this problem to the rural population by providing access to adequate, safe, dependable water supply within a walking distance of 400 metres from each household. 

The Rural Water projects are implemented by Local Government Authorities in collaboration with citizens as well as private sector.  Regional Secretariats do monitoring and provide technical support. Prime Minister’s Office –TAMISEMI coordinates the implementation of Rural Water Projects. On the other hand the Ministry of Water do look for funds for the projects and provide both technical and guildeline on project management.

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