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Import means to bring or cause goods to be brought to Tanzania from a foreign country. Import procedures have to be followed in order to clear goods from Customs control as per section 2 (1) in the EACCMA, 2004’. Imports to Tanzania are subjected to different stages whereby the “Declarant” is advised to lodge documents at least seven days before arrival of the vessel.

Export means to take or cause goods to be taken out of Tanzania. Exports are free of duty and taxes except for two items; Raw hides and skins that are chargeable at the rate of 90% of FOB value or TSHS 900/= per kg whichever is higher and Raw cashew nuts that are levied at the rate of 15% computed on FOB value or USD 160 per metric tonne whichever is higher

Pre-arrival Declaration Clearing & Forwarding Agents
Export Procedure Tariff
Import procedure
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