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In Tanzania Taxes are basically made up of direct taxes and indirect taxes Tax is levied on income from employment, income from business and income from investment. Taxable persons include entities and individuals. The Ministry of Finance determines tax structure and classification in Tanzania. Direct Taxes are mainly taxes on income while indirect taxes are on consumption and international trade. Corporations pay 30% of their profits, while individuals pay different rates on different parts of their income– the higher the income the higher the rate. The top individual rate is also 30%. Included in income tax are taxes you may hear referred to as individual income tax, corporate tax, the Pay-As-You-Earn system for employees, presumptive income tax for small individual businesses, provisional and final withholding taxes and capital gains tax – all these are part of a coherent income tax system.

Taxes may be paid by filing returns (this means the taxpayer submitting all relevant information to the TRA and paying tax accordingly), through withholding and PAYE systems (this means that the tax is withheld from the taxpayer's income source and sent to the TRA directly by the payer) or through the instalment system.You can get detailed information which can guide you on paying various government taxes, getting TIN and driving licences by visiting Tanzania Revenue Authority website 

Taxes and Duties Import and Export
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