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United Republic of Tanzania  
  • Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere
  • Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume
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The United Republic of Tanzania provides the framework for the Tanzania military structure. Within the framework, The Ministry of Defence and National Service is responsible for ensuring the Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces  (TPDF) supports and defends the country against all external enemies and assists the civil authority and civil power. The TPDF was established in 1964 after a mutiny which led to the disbanding of the colonial-oriented army, the Tanganyika Rifles (TR). President Nyerere decided to integrate the TPDF into the political system and into the society it served. Military officers and political leaders interchanged positions in the military, the party, and the government. The TPDF was a defense force and one of the national armies which supported the liberation struggle. The TPDF has supported the Tanzania foreign and defense policies by participating in the liberation struggles in Southern Africa and training of the liberation forces  in the defense of the country due to insecurity at the borders with Uganda and the Southern border with Mozambique. The intent of the Peoples' Militia was to create a sense of responsibility and national pride in the civilian population by welcoming the citizens to play a role in the defense of the country. The National Service was introduced to enable the Tanzania youth with the ability to build national unity, and serve the country. The National Service provides the youth with military training and with skills for self reliance. The Militia and the National Service provide the TPDF with a reserve force to augment the military capability.

This section contains comprehensive information on the Tanzania defence and paramilitary framework  including Tanzania Peoples Defense Force- TPDF, Prisons, Police Force, National Service, National Defense Policy and Peoples' Militia.

Tanzania People's Defense Force - TPDF Tanzania Prisons Service
National Defense Policy The National Service
Peoples' Militia Police Force
Fire and Rescue Force
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