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United Republic of Tanzania  
  • Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere
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Tanzania is one of the pilot countries selected in March, 2012 to benefit from the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Countries (SREP). Tanzania was selected because of (i) the critical issues facing the country (energy crisis, climate change impacts and land degradation, high population growth and therefore energy demand steadily increasing, rising prices of fossil fuels which increases the level of poverty of the people, etc.) and (ii) the efforts already made by the Government to create an adequate legislative and institutional framework, strong commitment to further develop its Renewable Energy resources and generating investments interest in the private sector, etc. The SREP program will enable Tanzania to initiate the process to achieve a transformational change, one that will lead the country towards a low emission development. This will be made possible by harnessing the renewable energy potential of the country instead of developing the economy based on expensive and polluting fossil fuels, and on inefficient use of biomass.

Tanzania is endowed with significant energy resources. Simple and effective energy technologies (such as solar PV, solar driers, improved cook stoves, ovens, biogas etc.) are available to deliver clean and efficient energy services to the majority living in energy poverty in rural and urban areas. Such decentralized technologies which use local energy resources are promoted through the SU-COSTESTA Program whose mission is to enable the majority in Tanzania to access sustainable modern energy technologies and services through energy technological adaptations, capacity building, community mobilization, entrepreneurship and advocacy for supportive policies, poverty reduction, environmental conservation and self-reliance. This section provides you with information pertaining Energy and Mineral development program, its strategic plan and reports. You can download for your own use.

Energy for Development Program Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD)
The Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Countries (SREP)
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