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Residence Permit Class 'B' is issued to a foreigner other than a Prohibited Immigrant who has obtained specified employment in Tanzania, and the Principal Commissioner of Immigration Services (subject to recommendation by the Director of Employment) is satisfied that he possesses qualifications or skills necessary for that employment and that his employment will be of benefit to Tanzania.


  • Cover letter or letter of appointment
  • Five photographs; Curriculum vitae; Academic qualifications and Job description
  • Organizational structure of a company
  • A letter of clearance from the Government
  • Membership certificates or clearances from local professional bodies for testing
    and monitoring the professional integrity of expatriates
  • Photocopy of passport pages
  • Evidence (copies) of advertisements announcing the vacancy as well as the
    C.V. of a Tanzanian alternative.

Procedures :

  • Complete Tanzania Immigration Form TIF I and Employee/Employer Datasheet at no cost and no processing fee.
  • Submit the form to the Labour Commissioner for a recommendation.
  • The recommendation will be attached to the form and forwarded to the
    Director of Immigration Services for further action.
  • The Labour Department reviews the application and makes a positive or
    negative  recommendation to the Department of  Immigration
  • Get Class B permit.


  • Foreigners intending to perform certain short-term assignments may be
    exempted from the requirement that they obtain recommendations from
    the Labour Commissioner. Examples include artists, entertainers, journalists,
    hunters, etc. The short-term permits are determined by the Director of
    immigration Services.


Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 20-11-2015
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