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Tanzania Revenue Authority - TRA

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Export is to take or cause goods to be taken out of Tanzania. Exports are free of duty and taxes except for two items; Raw hides and skins that are chargeable at the rate of 90% of FOB value or TSHS 900/= per kg whichever is higher and Raw cashew nuts that are levied at the rate of 15% computed on FOB value or USD 160 per metric tone whichever is higher.


  • Invoice
  • Parking list
  • TIN certificate (exporter)
  • Authorization letter
  • Export certificates from relevant Authorities


  • Appoint a Clearing and Forwarding Agent (CFA) to process your export documents.
  • Process the documentation of good on online and complete before examination of goods and export release.
  • Submit the documents either manually or electronically to the CFA.CFAS uploads the documents in the Automated Systems for Customs  (ASYCUDA++)and lodges the same to TRA
  • Acquire a reference number which is automatically generate
  • Inform the customs before loading the goods in the container or truck as the customs officer shall witness the loading process
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 31-10-2018
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