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Resident Permit

Any foreigner intending to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for investment, business, employment or any other legal activity may be issued with a Residence Permit.The issuance of Residence Permit is governed by the Immigration Act No. 7 of 1995 and its Regulations of 1997.

Class A Permits:

  • Residence Permit Class A may be granted to a person other than a prohibited
     Immigrant who intends to enter or remain in Tanzania and engage in trade, 
     Business, Profession, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, prospecting of Minerals 
     or manufacture.


  • Certificate of Competence from the Tanzania Investment Centre (T.I.C.)
  • A covering letter
  • Six photographs and Curriculum vitae
  • Educational certificates (if appropriate) and Share certificate (if needed)
  • Company registration, memorandum and articles of association
  • Evidence of business premises
  • Sectoral approval from any relevant ministry
  • Copy of passport pages authentificating nationality and validity of passport.
  • Registration Certificates from relevant Regulatory Authorities (other Businesses
    require authorization from Specific Regulatory Authorities)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Certificate (for Businesses entitled to pay this type of tax)
  • Tax Payer's Identity Number (T.I.N.) Certificate
  • Business License and Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of Incentive (in case the Business registered with T.I.C. or ZIPA for
  • Transfer of Share(s)/Stock Deed  (in case the applicant is a share holder by
    virtue of some shares being transferred to him );
  • Board Resolution i.e. Extract of the Board Meeting resolving to appoint the
    applicant as a Director (where the applicant is not among the first Directors);
  • Return of Allotment of Shares (Form No. 55(a) from the Registrar of Companies
    in case the applicant has been allotted some shares and should include a Board
    resolution resolving to expand the capital of the company and alot a number of
    shares to the applicant


  • Fill in Tanzania Immigration Form TIF 1 and Employee/Employer Datasheet obtainable at any Immigration office. 
  • Consult the Business Registration and Licensing Authority on how to register
    a Company or Business in United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Extract from Register for business not incorporated as a Limited Company
  • Provide Business Licenses (special licenses: Industrial License, Mining License,
    Casino License, Tourist Agent's License) etc.
  • Share Certificate (where the applicant is a share holder in a registered company)
  • Pay fee as prescribed from time to time. See fee structure
  • The approval will cease to have effect after sixty days from the date of such
    notification pursuant to regulation 29 of the Immigration Regulations, 1997





Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 20-11-2015
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