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  • Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume
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Surface and Marine Transport Authority - SUMATRA

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A shipping agency or shipping agent is the designation for a person or agency responsible for handling shipments and cargo at ports and harbors worldwide on behalf of shipping companies.


  • Registered company with majority shares held by Tanzania citizens
  • Office premises minimum 18 square meters
  • Communication facilities.
  • Bank Account
  • Capital not less than USD 10,000 or equivalent in Tshs(companies owned by Tanzanian),
  • Capital not less than USD 100,000 or equivalent in Tshs(companies owned by Tanzanian and foreigners)
  • Maintain solvency ratio of 2:1    
  • Possess qualified personnel in the shipping industry
  • Agency Agreement with the principal


  • Fill the Application Form from SUMATRA office or download from SUMATRA website.
  • Submit dully filled in form to SUMATRA.
  • Processing and approval
  • Pay application fee of USD20 or equivalent in Tanzanian shillings.
  • Physical inspection of the office shall be conducted prior to issuance of licence.
  • Pay annual fee of  USD 2000 or equivalent in Tanzanian shillings, as approval of the application
  • Copy of previous licence (for renewal)
  • Copy of Business Licence
  • Tariff/Charges for service rendered
  • Copy of Shipping Agency Agreement/Contract
  • Bank Statement for the preceding year of operations.
  • Tenancy Agreement or proof of ownership of office premises
  • List and CVs of Management Staff.
  • List of all employees
  • Audited financial account for the preceding year
  • Agency fee and commission payable by the principal to the agent for services
    rendered, which should not be below those provided in Shipping
    Agency (Minimum Agency Fees and Commissions) Regulations, 2011
  • Copy of passport pages showing particulars of passport holder/or berth
    certificate/affidavit to ascertain citizenship – for the foreigner should include valid work permit
  • Copy of memorandum and article of association
  • Foreign shareholder should provide registration particulars of the company
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 24-11-2015
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