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  • Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume
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Surface and Marine Transport Authority - SUMATRA

Ease of Access

Any motor vehicle with carrying capacity of seven persons and above is required to apply for road service licence. The Authority issues short term and long term licenses. Short term licenses are valid for a period of not exceeding three months and long term licenses are valid for a period of one year.

Application forms are filled in duplicate with the following attachments:

  • Vehicle Registration Cards
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Valid Insurance Certificate 


  • Fill in the required forms.
  • Pay application processing fee of Tshs. 2,000/=
  • Pay the license fees which vary according to the vehicle capacity and duration of the License.
  • Submit them to Sumatra office available in your region.


  •  The route, time table and bus fares are subject to SUMATRA’s approval.
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 24-11-2015
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