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Nationa Social Security Fund - NSSF

Ease of Access

The registration of employees is provided under Section 11(6) of the National Social
Security Fund Act No. 28 of 1997 Act. Registration of an employer and employees must
be done first before payment of contributions begins and the activity is accomplished
at NSSF field offices.

NSSF covers different categories of employers and employees such as Government, private
sector, non-pensionable employees, Parastatal organizations, Self-employed or any other
employed person not covered by any other scheme and any other category as declared by
the Minister of Labour


i. All employers registered with the Fund are required to register all their
   employees with NSSF by attaching two passport-size photographs and completing
   Form NSSF/ R.3A. (Registration of Statutory Members)

ii. Any person, other than an insured individual, employed by a contributing employer,
    may register with the Fund and make regular contributions on his/her own behalf
    as a voluntary member. (Registration of Voluntary Members)

iii. One must be employed by Government, private sector, non-pensionable
     employees, Parastatal organizations, or other category as declared
     by the Minister of Labour.


Payment Mode; Contributions can be paid at any NSSF office in any of the following ways:-

i. Crossed Cheque

ii. Bankers Cheque

iii. Bank Draft

iv. Cash

v. Post or Money Orders



Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 31-10-2018
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