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Ministry of Energy and Minerals

Ease of Access

Tanzania is endowed with big reserves of mineral resources,  like gold, diamonds, gemstones, nickel, uranium, coal, limestone, salt and others. All mineral reserves are owned by the Government, and therefore all prospecting and mining activities can only be done by persons or companies using a license issued by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Licenses for mining are in the following grades:

  • Grade A: Big Mining Exploration Licenses
  • Grade B: Mining Licenses
  • Small Scale Mining Licenses
  • Mining Extraction Licenses

Conditions when Applying for License

Before filling the application form, make sure you prepare the following:

  • Reliable information about the area you want to request. All mining offices keep information for special official search. Clients can buy mining license maps (shapefile) available upon request from the Ministry headquarters. A general map is available from the following website:
  • Applications through companies have to prepare authentic Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association together with documents showing the financial and technical capability of the company. Individual applicants must have passport size photographs and if it is a group then photographs of all group members must be prepared.  
  • Applicants for Licenses groups A and B must have a topographical map, geographical coordinates in Arc 1960; a training plan and procurement of local goods plan.
  • Applicants for Small Scale Mining license must prepare a drawing of the area being requested and also measurements of geographical coordinates in Arc 1960. Applicants of areas reserved for small scale miners may be required to provide extra information as may be decided by the Allocations Committee.     
  • Applicants must have an application fee when submitting application forms. Fees  will not be refunded even if the application is unsuccessful.
  • It is IMPORTANT to submit a properly completed application  early and make payments in the mining office in charge of the requested area.
  • The procedures of getting permits from other authorities  (villages,  natural resources etc.) is the RESPONSIBILITY of the client. It is important for clients to know  the requirements of getting permits from local area authorities to avoid inconvenience. It is not allowed to put boundaries or infrastructure before getting permission from the owners of the area.

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Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 28-01-2016
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