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Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority - EWURA

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EWURA attends to complaints against a supplier of regulated goods or services in relation to any matter connected with the supply, possible supply or proposed supply of goods or services. There is a dedicated unit, under Director of Legal Division which receives and follow up complaints from consumers of regulated goods and services. The Unit which was established under Section 34 of EWURA Act Cap 414 is known as Customer Service.

The major underlying policy on consumer complaints handling procedure centers on:

  • Consumer Protection- The need for service providers to provide reliable, quality and affordable goods or services;
  • Preference to amicable complaints settlement procedure as opposed to litigation;
  • Having a speedier, just and less bureaucratic complaints handling procedure.

Filing a complaint:

  • Any person (consumer) may file a complaint;
  • EWURA CCC or an authorized representative;
  • A group of people may file a complaint attaching the following documents:
    • List of names and signatures;
    • Minutes of the meeting with a resolution to file a complaint;
    • name/s of representative/s and contact.

Complaints should be reported within a specified time limit which will enable service provider to be accountable. A complaint lodged after the time limit will not be considered, hence consumer end up losing their right to quality service or goods. The main reason for setting time limit is to enable the Authority to act in time,   to collect evidence which will help in resolving the matter with integrity.

In January 2013 The Authority has set up Rules on Consumer Complaints Settlement Procedure, GN. No. 10 of 2013 , to be applied in handling complaints. Limitation periods are based on the nature of complaint as indicated below:

Unlawful disconnection of service twelve months
Improper Billing twelve months
Failure or refusal to connect the service twelve months
Poor quality of service twenty four months
Others twelve months

The Authority issue guidelines to Consumers on how to initiate a complaint, the rights and obligation of consumer and how to fill aComplaint Form. The Authority   maintains a Complaints Registerfor all regulated sectors.

Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 28-01-2016
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