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National Housing Corporation - NHC

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A person or an individual who occupies or possesses land or premises who occupies land or property rented from the Nationa Housing Corporation. For this case Tenant selection system is a set of criteria that every prudent landlord establishes to determine the acceptability of potential applicants. NHC created a good system to help avoid selecting tenants on a case by case basis and making judgment that could cause complains from the public and corruption among NHC employees. Having proper tenant selection system will help NHC to avoid problematic tenants hence be assured of getting good returns from leased properties.


  • Show current income
  • Proposed Rent
  • Percentage of Rent to Income
  • Range of Rent Applied for
  • Ability to pay rent in advance
  • Ability to pay security deposit
  • Previous Landlords Comments
  • Track Record on Credit History
  • Reasons for changing the residence/office
  • Remarks of the Referees
  • Remarks from Guarantors
  • Family size
  • Job Prospects/Business Prospects
  • Marital Status


  • Collection of the Tenant's Application Form  from NHC HQ, any Regional
    Office or download from the website.
  • Fill in tenant's application form carefully
  • Submission of the filled Tenant's Application Form
  • Ensure all necessary/required information has been filled out correctly.
  • Pay 5,000/= as application fee.
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 31-10-2018
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